Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Puri Bunga Beach Cottages, Senggigi, Lombok

This is a lovely delightful place. It is situated in the middle of the Senggigi Beach opposite the Sheraton resort and  every room has a view of the sea and the sunsets and it was charming.
I paid via a tourist agent in Lombok about 250,000 rupiah and that is half the price the actual place is advertising and for the money it was worth it.

The hotel is not on the beach but across the road and then from there you have to walk through a delightful art market and then to the beach or to the restaurants there. The Office was great value and good food and cheap with gin at 35,000, large beer at 25,000 and the food no more than 50,000 for most things.

The other restaurant was the Lotus. It was a chain I think but very good italian food and freshly wood oven baked pizzas. More expensive but very nice.

Puri Bunga did do food but it was brought from one of the restaurants listed. The breakfast was ok, toast, tea, coffee, juice, fruit, noodles and more indonesian food. The ants were a little distracting but the breakfast was simple and light but nice.

The hotel staff seemed a little stressed to me but that was ok. The one lady in charge was very nice and could not help enough but seemed to be the only one who knew anything. The owner (western) was quiet and wandered about but seemed helpful to the guests there.
The pool was also nice and whilst not so big it was refreshing. The lack of chairs and shade was a little annoying but that ok.

Behind the front building was a very steep hill. Built into the hill were the cottages. Each cottage had a AC, Towels, TV, Water, Fridge with the usual overpriced things. Superb view of the sea and the sunsets.
The AC worked well once it got going and the only drawback was the power throughout sengiggi kept going off, tripping the AC but that could not be helped.

My room was great. It was big and airey and like I mentioned the view was great. The gardens were very well kept and the floral and fauna was in bloom and there was always someone tending the gardens.

The room was made every day and it was immaculate. Using the laundry was a little complicated as not all the things you wear were on the list and whilst it was a 24 hour service it depended on when the staff took the washing to be washed and then from there it was 24 hours to get back. You paid at the end of your stay for that.
The hotel also sorted out transport and bikes for you.
When checking out it was discovered that the mini bar had been used. Something which was not from me so maybe that was the staff but it was waived and therefore not a worry.

The beach cottages were very relaxed and a great escape with stunning views and lovely staff.

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