Friday, 6 December 2013

Pullman Bali Legion Nirwana

I managed to stay here for a conference. The hotel is big with a number of pools and lots of rooms. There are several restaurants and ball rooms and lots of open space.

The hotel is right on the end of Kuta Beach. If you follow the one way road past Beach Walk Mall and keep going, just before you turn right there it is.

The beach is across the road which great stuff and some of the rooms have the sunset view as well which must be great. Mine never.

My room was on the ground floor facing the pool. As normal with conferences it was a shared room, so two single beds. The room was big and there was a TV on the wall. There was an adjoining room next to ours which acted as living room with a huge TV and Sofa but we had no direct access from the bedroom so had to go outside and enter it that way. We never bothered.
The bath room had a bath, shower, toilet and a big window so you could watch TV in the bath. The lighting was sparse and made the bathroom dark. The shower should have been impressive but the main shower head control was broken so I had to use the other smaller shower head. That had also seen better days, and for a new 5 star hotel was not great.
The water bottles were not replaced for the 2 night stay so we ran out of water and had to ask for more.

In the room were 2 umbrellas which did come in handy but I am not sure what would happen if you left them somewhere, as in how they would return to the room.

The breakfast was good because being Bali lots of Pork Bacon and plenty of choice. Chasing the coffee down was a ordeal as the staff seemed reluctant to return to tables to refill.
Lunch was good with lots of choice again but I felt it was not as good as the Aston in Bogor for quality or size of the choice. But still I ate heartily.

Our room was 1.7 million a night Bed and Breakfast. Would I pay that to stay there again? No. Would I pay to stay there again? No. Despite the closeness to the beach and some bars, you can find that in many places in Kuta and for me Bali is about exploring not staying in Hotels. I am sure for the sun seeker it would be ideal but again there are better value hotels in the same area.

Looking into the main resort

The lobby

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